TOPSoccer is the outreach program for soccer designed to allow special needs children the opportunity to play ball with peers and volunteer buddies. The program is inclusive for kids age 5 and up for any child or young adult regardless of disability. We play ball with a fleet of wonderful volunteer "buddies" and adapt soccer to the ability of the kids so that every child is a winner with success measured in smiles not goals.

All play dates will be at the beautiful Morningside fields on Friday evenings. We always cancel for rain and occasionally add extra days for beautiful weather so keep your eye on this website for updates. For information about becoming a player or a "Buddy" see below. Everyone is promised fun!

Download a Parent's Guide here: TOPSoccer Parent's Guide

What is TOPSoccer

TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based soccer program that is designd to meet the needs of children with physical and/or mental disabilities. Players participation and development are key elements of the program as players are placed on teams according to ability and NOT by age. TOPSoccer is designed to improve the overall fitness, self-esteem and social skills of your child.

What are the benefits of TOPSoccer for my child?

  • Your child will develop a sense of belonging to a community.
  • Learn the value of being part of a team.
  • Improved self-esteem, fitness and social skills.

What is the role of the TOPSoccer parent?

As a TOPSoccer parent you need to:

  • Provide transportation to and from all practices and games, ensuring that the player is prompt.
  • Attend all practices and games.
  • Lend support in a positive manner.
  • Provide any pertinent information about your child to the coaches and administrators.

What should families expect from the program?

  • A fun and meaningful experience for you and your family.
  • Games and activities adapted to ensure your child's participation.
  • Safe and healthy environment.
  • Parents will have the opportunity to network with other families for support and information-sharing.

TOPSoccer Buddies

We play ball with a fleet of wonderful volunteer "buddies" and adapt soccer to the ability of the kids so that every child is a winner with success measured in smiles not goals. The role of the buddy is to assist the coach and your child in the field activities. No prior soccer experience is necessary, but compassion and a spirit of fun is expected.

If you are volunteering for a class requirement, each session is approximately 2 hours of volunteer credit and the Fall semester will complete 20 hours of volunteer time. Students requiring credit must attend the first session for training and log in on site each week.

The History of TOPSoccer

US Youth Soccer, the nation's largest youth sports organization, started TOPSocer in 1991 to provide you players with disabilities an environment filled with meaningful learning, developmental and physical participation opportunities through the game of soccer. The volunteer TOPSoccer committee, representing the State Soccer Associations across the country, works to help players develop, complete, and achieve success according to their individual abilities. Through the efforts of people like you, a whole new world awaits these children. Reach out and bring them into our soccer family.