Skills Assessment

Who goes to the skills assessment (tryouts)?

• Our Premier (formerly Rec Plus) program offers training for the more advanced player. Teams typically practice twice a week and will compete in a tournament.
• All players ages 8-15 years interested in playing at a more competitive level are encouraged to attend the Skills Assessment to show off their skills.
• Attendance at the Skills Assessment is ONLY required for placement on a Premier team; Skills Assessment is NOT required for our Recreational program, which constitute the majority of the teams in CSA.

Players must be registered online PRIOR to attending. Please select the Premier league option when registering.

Players must bring a $25 check to the Skills Assessment to cover the program fee differential. This check will only be cashed if accepted on a Premier team.

Parents should stay at Morningside for the duration of their child's session.

The Skills Assessment is held at Morningside Soccer Complex. Check this website for specific dates.

What can we expect at the skills assessment?
• The Skills Assessment format typically includes a warm-up, a few speed and agility drills, followed by exercises focused on dribbling, passing and finishing skills, and then small-sided games to evaluate team tactics and decision-making abilities.
• The event will likely last 1.5 hours with plenty of opportunities for players to show off their soccer skills.

What should we bring to the skills assessment?
• Wear cleats, shin-guards, no jewelry/etc.
• Bring both a dark and a white T-shirt (not your recreational or select team jersey).
• Bring water bottle.
• A $25 check to cover the fee differential (this check will only be cashed if accepted to team).

What will the skill evaluators be looking for?
1. Ball control and dribbling skills
2. Passing
3. Tackling
4. Field awareness (i.e. what you are doing when you don't have the ball)
5. Finishing on goal (i.e. shooting)
6. Your overall impact on the game, no matter where you are playing on the field.
7. Teamwork
8. Coachability

Use your time playing at the Skills Assessment to show off any or all of these skills. If you are interested in playing as goalkeeper, let the evaluators know.