Field Incident Report

This form is for use by the entire soccer community - parents, coaches, referees, and players. The purpose is to enable you to let us know of incidents or conditions in serious need of remedy so that they may be addressed by the league in a timely fashion. If you see something at a game or practice that you think is seriously out of line, or in violation of CSA's code of conduct, please report it here. Your comments will be channeled through the league, and your name will be kept confidential if you request it.

Your information will be relayed to the appropriate person(s) for action and resolution of the matter. Examples of issues we would like to hear about include improper behavior by coaches, referees, parents, of players, as well as seriously unsafe field conditions.

Please include as many specifics as possible, including:
1. Date, Time and Field location
2. Team(s) involved
3. Names of the parties involved or descriptions of each individual
4. Brief description of what you believe is in serious need of attention
5. Tell us what you think should be done to correct the problem

We thank you for taking the time to help improve the soccer experience for our children.

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