Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We hope this section of the website helps answer some questions you have about CSA. If you have a question and it is not addressed here, please email us and we will answer it and, most likely, add it here.

Q: Are parents/guardians required to be at each practice/game?

Yes. For safety reasons, a parent, guardian or a designated adult responsible for your child must attend each CSA sponsored event for the duration of the event. This includes practices, games and clinics.

Q: I missed registration, what do I do?

Check the website to see if late enrollments are being accepted. If so, follow the directions that are listed. We only accept late enrollments as needed to fill the divisions, and there is a $10 late fee.

Q: Do players need a new uniform for each season in which they are registered?

No. Once you purchase the official CSA uniforms, you can continue to use them as long as they fit.

Q: What happens if I lose or my child outgrows a uniform?

CSA orders uniform sets based on what is entered at enrollment. The set includes 2 jerseys with the same number. You cannot purchase a single jersey and you will have to purchase a complete set.

Q: What day of the week will my child have practice?

Each team coach chooses the day of the week that they want to hold practice based on their availability. If you have restrictions on the day of the week that your child can practice, please include those with your registration information. Practices start the week of the official season start date. The first game is the following week.

Q: My child was injured during practice/game. Is there an insurance claim form?

Yes, here is the link to FYSA's (Florida Youth Soccer Association - our sanctioning organization) webpage explaining the process: . Search by keyword 'claim' for link to form here:

Q: We signed up our child to participate in the Spring soccer league. His birthday is August 1 and is currently five years old. While registering him, the only available program offered was Skeeters. Shouldn't he be in the U6 due to his age?

Because your child's birthday is after our July 31st cutoff date, the child technically falls within the Skeeter's age group. However, considering the proximity to the cutoff date, you can request a "Play up" to the U6 age division. You can submit a Play Up request here: http://capitalsoccer.info/playup . Please note, you will have to pay the required uniform fee of an additional 30 dollars.

Q: Why are there no referees for the U6-U8 age divisions?

The focus at the U6-U8 age divisions is primarily on the enjoyment of the game and then on skill development such as dribbling, passing and shooting. The facilitator, who serves in a referee capacity, provides coaching points for both teams during the game shifting players around the field to create more balanced play. In this way, the facilitator optimizes the learning experience for both teams during the game. Only one facilitator per team is allowed on the field during play. The ball occasionally moves quickly so expect facilitators to sometimes appear to be in the way of the players.

Q: Why are parents encouraged NOT to shout “kick the ball” from the sidelines during games?

We prefer that parents (and coaches!) not provide instruction at all from the sidelines during the game but instead afford the children the opportunity to “think on their feet”. Let them play the game and develop an instinct for it. Leave instructing and refinements for the practice day. Parents are encouraged to cheer their teams on with expressions like “nice shot” or “great pass” when you notice a player doing something well. Let’s create a positive learning environment for our children!

Q: Why do the children get trophies at the end of the season when it has nothing to do with playing soccer?

End-of-season events are at the discretion of each team. Most like to have some kind of celebration, whether a pizza party or pool party. Some coaches like to recognize each player for their particular accomplishments, such as: high scorer, best passer, most improved, etc. In this way, a trophy is given to celebrate each player’s merits. Trophies are not required though, and each team should determine what is suitable for them.

Q: In what ways will the CSA Board improve communication to parents this season?

We plan to broadcast important announcements via email, post updates to the website, respond to email inquiries more timely, keep coaches better informed, and be present at Saturday morning games to answer questions. Keep in mind that we are an all-volunteer board, many doing double-duty as coaches this season. There will be a balance to what we can do well. On that front, please continue to let us know how we’re doing and how we can improve. Thanks!